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As the lead developer for Spring Data JPA, Greg has released software used around the world by millions.

Are you having trouble maintaining code quality? Do you scramble to release bug fixes? Are you buried in tickets that don’t go anwhere?

Book a 1-hour call and get insight on what your problems might be. Or book a longer session to dig deeper!


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Greg has worked on billion dollar contracts for both the public as well as the private sector and knows how to effect change with efficiency.

He brings a wealth of experience in handling continuous integration pipelines for multiple Spring projects, along with releasing software projects embraced by millions.

A 1-hour call could change everything for YOU! (Or book a longer session and dig deeper)

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Don’t wait. Take action! With Greg’s help, you can get your system out of the ditch and empower your team to start making progress. Stop panicking, find out what’s wrong, and learn what to fix so you can deliver!